Diamond & C.B.N. Wheels

Diamond & C.B.N. Wheels


A brief ovrview of the manufacturing process of PCD

Man-made diamonds are produced from the purest form of graphite. Under conditions of high pressure and temperature, in the presence of certain catalysts, graphite gets converted in micron-sized daimond crystals. The crystals are then finely graded and sintered together with tungsten carbide to produce different grades of PCD blanks

Applications of PCD Cutting Tools

PCD tools are most frequently applied in the automobile industry comprising both heavy and light motor vehicles. Some of the materials that have been cost effectively machined with solar PCD tools include are aluminum alloys, copper, bronze, abrasive plastic composits etc.


CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) Tools

Cubic Boron Nitride is the hardest and most abrasion resistant material known to man, next only to diamond

The manufacturing process and physical properties of CBN are very similar to those of PCD, except that istead of graphite, boron nitride is the building block for CBN. Like graphite, boron nitride is subjected to high temperature and pressure in the presence of catalysts to form cubic crystals of various micron sizes. These crystals are then graded and sintered together with tungsten carbide as the substrate, to form integral CBN blanks

Like in PCD the crystals within a CBN blank are also randomly oriented resulting in uniform hardness and abrasion resistance in all directions. The toughness of cemented tungsten carbide combined with the hardness of CBN layer enables CBN Cutting tools to withsatnd the high cutting forces encountered while taking heavy cuts in tough, hard to machine material. It also results in high impact resistance needed to withstand the shocks of severe interrupted cuts.

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Diamond & C.B.N. Wheels Diamond & C.B.N. Wheels


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