Diamond Dressers

Throw-Away Diamond Dressers

Throw - Away Type Diamond Dressers are made of small selected crystal shape or octahedral diamonds, mounted in a matrix. Only one cutting edge is presented to the grinding wheel.

Diamonds for throw-away type diamond dressers are selected for their structural strength, degree of sharpness and lack of detrimental flaws. The proper selection of size and quality appropriate for a given application requires qualified and experienced judgment.

As the name suggests is really a throw - away dresser that means no maintenance, no re-setting of diamond required.

They are used for Turing and dressing small and medium sized wheels. For larger wheels with small widths they are used only in profile dressing applications. ( Throw Away Type Diamond Dressers )

These tools are not suited to dress wheels with grit size coarser than 60 mesh.

For your reference we have given few of the standard tools as per European & American specifications, however it can be manufactured as per your specifications.



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