Multipoint Indexable Crown

Multipoint Indexable Crown


  A Multi Point Diamond Dresser in which Sharp Natural Diamonds are set in a circular crown at right angle to 
  the operating plane. As soon as the diamonds on the indexed position are completely used up, the crown
  can be re-indexed on the shank for new points. Shanks for the crown are made to customer's specifications.

• All types of large wheels where fine truing is considered important.
• Specially recommended for cylindrical grinders.
• The diamonds can be completely used up and resetting is redundant.
• Since two or more diamonds come in contact with the wheel the work
  load on the diamonds is divided and the diamonds last longer.
• A large area of the wheel is dressed more efficiently in a relatively
  shorter time than a single point.
• As several points are in use simultaneously the feed may be safely increased.
• Finer finish is obtained on the wheel due to the crystal shape of the diamonds employed.
• Can be used for side dressing.
• MIC-24 with 24 Diamonds for wheel size up to 600 mm diameter wheel.
• MIC-36 with 36 Diamonds for wheel size above 600 mm diameter wheel.

Multipoint Indexable Crown

Multipoint Indexable Crown
 Multipoint Indexable Crown


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