Multiblade Dressers


  Introduction:  On few heavy-duty grinders, especially centerless grinders, often the demands  
 are high both on quality and productivity with the following essential
 characteristics of wheel dressing;
 1) Uniform dressing overthefull strength of wheel.
 2) Proper abrasive glaze-free surface on the wheel.
 3) Wheel edges free of broken edges.

  At the same time, from the economic point of view, the dresser becomes
 expensive when not properly designed to meet all the three requirements.
 However,  a combination dresser has been conceived to combine quality
 with economy.
  Brief description:  
  The dresser consists of three dressing blades set in a bronze shank ( like any 
  other blade dresser) in the form of a sandwich. The blades are set with gaps to
  ensure a proper follow up action during dressing. The middle blade serves as the
  main load carrying member. The other two blades serve a leading and lagging
  cutting point to ensure a glaze free dressings.
  Cost comparison! economy :  
 This dresser is supposed to give nearly three to four time than the life span with
 a normal blade dressers, and can be expected to result in a net cost saving of 
 around 40% on tooling cost.
  Common applications:  1) Centreless grinding (plain)
 2) Cylindrical grinding with wheels (500 mm, and above in dia.)
 3) Surface grinding (TOS, BLOHM and Other heavy duty large machines.)

Multiblade Dressers


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