Diamond Lapping Tools

Single Point Diamond Dressers

Uniform, well graded diamond powder gives best results. Practically all practicals are working constantly, resulting stock removal is fast, finish is superior and uniform without scratching or pitting.

Poorly graded diamond powder is wasteful and unrelaible. Uneven cutting results from the fact that only large particles contact work, while small particles fo not work. Scratched, pitted surface is the result

Diamond Lapping Compounds, particularly suited for the rapid polishing of all hard materials are used extensively in manufacture of precision components, tungsten carbide dies, precision gaguges, optical flats and lenses etc. (Also in creating a high degree of finish for hard metal moulds, gem polishing and sapphire processing. ) Only uniform well graded diamond powders are used throughout the range of SOLAR lapping compounds and slurry. These powders are accurately and consistently graded by a special process to ensure individual particles of sound crystelline structure, blocky in shape with sharp, well defined edges. The diamond partcles are meaured microscopically, the size being as the diameter of a circle having the same area as the diamind partcles when viewed through microscope.

Water soluble : The water soluble version is entirely soluble on water or diethylene glycon. A very satisfactory thinner is a 50 percent mixture of both. Great care should be taken to add just sufficient thinner to spread the compound. If the compound is thinned excessively it is liable to "fly Off" the job when it is rotating at high speed

Oil Soluble : The oil soluble version is a special formula which has low Molecular Weight & is Heat Resistanat. Use SOLAR "OS" fluid to give considerable covering properties & other benefits.



Single Point Diamond Dressers
Grinding Wheel Grit Size Feed rate in mm/rev
30-46 0.60 -0.30
50 120 0.30  0.10
180  320 0.10  0.02


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